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Ratowitz Law Group solves a range of issues by offering personalized service administered by our qualified attorneys. We assist clients with:


If you ever run afoul of the IRS, it’s a stressful situation that requires professional representation and expertise in problem recovery. We’re certified to represent you before the IRS and help you negotiate offers in compromise.

IRS and State Department of Revenue

Pay taxes, check on refunds, and maintain your peace of mind with attorneys who help you understand and manage your federal tax responsibilities. 

Small Business Transactions and Litigation

Costly, stressful small business disputes and lawsuits can affect any entrepreneur. In fact, over 12 million contract lawsuits are filed every year against small businesses. Get ahead of the litigation with skilled legal professionals.

Unfiled Tax Returns

Establish tax exemptions for gift and estate taxes to benefit beneficiaries and other important individuals in your life. We can work with you to weigh your options and consider the most cost-friendly solution.


Whether you’re navigating debt relief options or bankruptcy, we’ll guide you through qualified, personalized steps you can take to achieve prosperity, independence, and freedom again. Let’s begin a more vital financial chapter together.

Estate Planning

Planning for your beneficiaries’ future and distribution of your assets shouldn’t be left to a DIY job. Protect your family, investments, and overall financial security for the long term.

Real Estate Transactions and Litigation

In a real estate transaction, highly experienced attorneys can guide you through the unknowns, negotiate better buying and selling terms, and ensure you’re getting the most for your investment. We’ll also handle any subsequent claims and litigation.

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Let's Connect

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